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World Youth Days are the greatest concentration of young people in the world. Thousands of young people respond every two to three years to the Pope´s call to go on pilgrimage to a city of the world and manifest their faith in Christ.


Madrid 2011 will be the 26th World Youth Day since December 20, 1985, when John Paul II instituted WYD. Since that memorable date, there have been many youth encounters throughout the years. Specifically, there have been ten international WYDs in different locations throughout the world. Madrid 2011, therefore, will be the eleventh international WYD to be held since John Paul II instituted the days.

The first convocation of young people on an international level for a WYD was in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Held on April 11th and 12th with the motto, "We have known the love God has and we have believed in Him," (1 John 4:16), this encounter was the 2nd World Youth Day. One million young people from all over the world met in the Argentine capital.

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